Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh Yes, It's Ladies' Night!

Sub-heading: "No Longer Just for Tiny Tops and Make-outs!"
Hmm...I'm trying out my Instagram app on my BRAND NEW iPHONE! (Hope you said that in a Bob Barker voice like I did. If not, feel free to pause here and reread it.) It's a super fun app, but I'm not sure it converts to my blogger very well. Anyway, this is the dinner I made for Michelle and me last night. It's Pantry Pasta with shells instead of bow-ties, which was exciting to make because I already had everything  at home..sans Sweet Italian Style With Peppers and Mozzarella Cheese sausage, which I wrote out because not only was it AMAZING, but it's also two-for-one right now at Safeway. Side note: If you don't like garlic, you should just leave it out of this recipe because this dish is sure to keep the vampires at bay!

Anyway, so I made dinner for us for craft night :) Love craft night! And I love that Michelle and I can walk to each other's house for a random Wednesday night craft night. She made a card/photo holder. I made this twine-wrapped vase:
This was my inspiration, if you remember. It still needs a little work. Some loose ends need to be anchored, and Michelle thinks it needs a trimming...perhaps it is a little hairy fuzzy after all. But I love the overall results! All I did was use spray adhesive, starting on the bottom section of an old vase, and wrapped twine up until I hit the top. I didn't get the wraps perfectly straight, so every once in a while I'd do a straight wrap and fill in the holes. For a FREE craft, this thing is bangin'! And I think it will fit perfectly with my rustic chic vibe.

Have you done any crafts lately? It feels really good to complete a pinterest-inspired craft every once in a while. Otherwise, that site just makes me feel inadequate :P

Stephanie Marie

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  1. FYI: If you click on the picture, you can see it bigger.