Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Like to Ride My Bicycle

Check out my new ride!! Isn't she perrty? I got the bike, pedals, helmet, shoes, and little butt bag. The guy was like, "wow, you're buying everything." Well, friend, when you have none of it and need all of it, you have to buy it! Anywho, I'm psyched to get out there on the BWI trail and try my bike on for size :) The guys at the Performance store in Baltimore were super helpful with picking everything out and giving me advice on where I can ride by myself. For instance, don't go on the NCR trail with a road bike because of the stone surface. Good to know! Today and tomorrow are supposed to have precipitation, so I'm hoping to get out there Thursday. Hooray for fitness and socializing with my new toy! 

On a terrifically different side note, I've been craving the beach! My friends in San Diego have been posting pictures of palm trees and bathing suits, a few bloggers I read are on vacation in Hawaii and San Diego, and I'm just over this "mild" winter. Luckily, my family is taking a girls' trip to Bethany Beach in a few weeks, so I don't have too long to wait for the beach. It's still going to be cold, but I love the beach in all weather. You bet your bottom I'll be bringing Patty O'Green along with me to the beach! 

So to satisfy my beach neediness in the meantime, I've queued up a few cold-weather beach goodies (old and new) in my Netflix. Look out "Charlie St. Cloud," "Sabrina," "Dan in Real Life," "Dolphin Tale," and "Soul Surfer"! I'm coming for ya! (I still have some Oscar movies that I want to watch, but now that I don't have a deadline, I'm going to watch them when I'm in the moooood.)

Have any good cold-weather beach movies I should add to my list?

Stephanie Marie

PS. Feel free to take a shot every time I say the word "beach" :)

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