Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pick-Me-Up Project #1

Top two pictures are the before and the bottom two pictures are the after.
I did a little cleaning/organizing project last night after I got home from work. This is the nook next to my bedroom/living room. The last tenant put her bed in here, but I like it for my closet/office space. I have a huge walk-in closet for most of the stuff that gets hung up, but it's freaking cold in there so it's nice to have an area of some stacked stuff. Anyway, as you can see, mostly all I did was organize my books, paperwork, electronics, etc. into my new bookshelf. I'm going to use the top shelf (which is enclosed by glass doors) for towels and sheets once I buy those. On my desk, I've just stacked some wooden wine boxes that hold my underwear (for now) and leaned my inspiration board on the wall. Nothing crazy, but it's amazing how much better it feels in that corner now that I don't have to walk around a half-empty box and messy paperwork.

One project down! 

Have you done any quick pick-me-up projects recently?

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