Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First Step: Fried Rice. Next Step: World Domination!

Dude! All y'all! Friends! I MADE FRIED RICE! I made chicken and mushroom fried rice! By myself! And it was GOOD! I know that doesn't really sound like a huge fete to some of you, but to me it was so satisfying to be able to make something that didn't come with a recipe (a tutorial a month ago from Ray, yes, but not a recipe). Cooking without a recipe?! I KNOW! 

You have to understand that I once was the worst cook in America. Seriously. I refer to myself as the Amelia Bedelia of cooking. Exhibit A: Sophomore year of college, when my friend and roommate Kath asked me to watch her pasta while she ran an errand, I did just that. I stood in our kitchen and watched the pasta boil. Frankly, I was a bit annoyed that all it did was boil; I was expecting to have to save us from a spark or something exciting like that. 

When Kath returned ten minutes later to pasta that was a big ball of mush, I couldn't understand why she was mad. "You said you'd watch the pasta!" she said, to which I replied, "I did. Nothing happened." I was clueless about even the simplest cooking methods...like, you know, boiling pasta. So you see, the fact that I was able to re-create a version of fried rice SUCCESSFULLY is a HUGE accomplishment for me! ALL CAPS HUGE!

Anyway, there she blows. Scrambled egg in garlic-infused oil and all :) Oh, and I finally got to use my coconut vinegar/soy sauce (with packets of soy sauce from the Chinese food restaurant, BTW, I'm cheap) for dipping. Thanks to Ray for giving me a bottle of the yummy goodness that it is!

Had any momentous cooking adventures lately?

Stephanie Marie

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