Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Non-Grouchy Oscar

I'm on a mission this year to watch some of the movies that will be up for Oscars this year. Usually, I do the opposite and use the Oscar winners as a to-watch list. But after my Oscar party in San Diego, I decided I wanted to have a better understanding of who was up for the Oscars. I think it'll be more fun if I can actually participate in who I think should win.

So, last night, while crafting, Michelle and I watched "Midnight in Paris." It was super cute, but I agree with Michelle's comment that we could have used a Cliff's Notes for who's who in the characters. There are so many references in this movie to artists from the 1890s and 1920s that I want to take my art history class again just to keep up! Here's the trailer:

If you're interested in gearing up for the Oscars this year (L.A.'s version of the Superbowl), here is the list of this year's nominees. And if you want to have an Oscar party, here's their party kit. It includes drink recipes, bingo, and ballots. I used it last year, and my friends loved it :) They air February 26th at 7p.m.

Care to share any of your Oscar party traditions?

Stephanie Marie


  1. I've heard Midnight in Paris wasn't great, and I was disappointed, because it looks right up my alley! That being said, I haven't actually seen it. Please let us know how it was!

    1. I thought it was cute...I was just thinking "it's not going to win any awards" which is obviously funny, since I meant it as a saying not for the Oscars :) I think it's a little more shallow than I was expecting, but I love the sights of Paris, love Owen Wilson (I usually love Rachel McAdams, but I didn't like her character much), and love the throwbacks. I would recommend watching it.