Monday, August 15, 2011

Signature Style

I just took Ethan Allen's "What's My Signature Style" quiz, and it turns out I'm elegant. As if I ever doubted it! I think they nailed the head on this one...wait, is that the way the saying goes?

"It is the essence of timeless sophistication. A seamless composition of quintessentially classic design elements, reinterpreted through streamlines scale and shape. Luxurious yet beautifully livable. A cosmopolitan mix of ornate and clean woods paired with chic, enduring fabrics." Yes, please!

Take the quiz here to find out if you're style is elegance, modern, romance, explorer, or vintage. It's definitely fun to play around with it to get some much-needed inspiration.

Speaking of: I hit up Home Depot with the roomies this past weekend and picked up a new bathroom vanity, mirror, and medicine hutch. I can't wait to redo the second bathroom upstairs, since that's the one that I use. It's in dire need of a makeover. No more under-the-sea scenery for me!

What's your signature style?

Stephanie Marie

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  1. This is so intereting. Turns out I'm Modern:
    The results are in – your Signature Lifestyle is Modern. Our take on Modern has a base of distinct classicism layered with contemporary impressions in pattern, form, and finish. A sense of balance that is pleasing to the eye. The art of the understatement. An oasis of calm. Simplicity and functionality are key