Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wedding Attire

I've worn all of these items separately before, but never together. I was worried it would be too much color blocking. I have to say, though, I felt quite stylish wearing the trend. And I got a complement on my dress from another girl at the wedding. Gotta love that! I think complements definitely feel different depending on the situation (complementer, occasion, etc.), and this one felt great :) Know what I mean?

Stephanie Marie

Ps. Congrats, Laura and Brian D'Ostilio!


  1. Very cute....especially love the clutch! Congrats to th newlyweds! -kath

  2. I love it too :) Thanks for the birthday gift!

  3. PS. You can post comments with your google account. It should have you select who you want to comment as before you push "Post Comment."