Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Such a Better Angle

My mom suggested I stop taking these photos without a head :) I think this outfit definitely needed a straight-on shot since the other photo just makes me look big. So sorry for the bathroom picture and lack of shoes, but you get the idea! So far no one's caught me taking pictures of myself (keep your fingers crossed that doesn't change).

Stephanie Marie


  1. MUCH better angle! I was skeptical that a blazer could be "comfy cozy," but you're right! So cute! I think a long necklace would be a nice addition too:), but that might make it less comfy.

  2. Thanks! I DO listen to Mom, occasionally :) I thought about adding a necklace, but I really liked not worrying about any jewelry this morning (I'm not wearing a lick of it!). Something very freeing about not wearing jewelry, although generally I like to wear a little bit.

  3. That's what I thought. Jewelry can be high maintenance, taking away from your overall feeling.