Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vegetarian Delight

My mom and I had a date night last night, and boy did we both need it! She had a long work day, and I had a long beauty day. A spray-tan session where I almost had an anxiety attack when I realized (butt nekkid sans a paper thong, mind you) that I forgot to shave, and a hair cut that took 2 hours and $200 to create (color, gloss, and cut). Prepping for a wedding takes effort! If guys think they have it harder than we do, I'm here to say they are sorely mistaken!

Anyway, Mom slaved over this amazing meal, so that when I got home there was fresh bruchetta waiting and eggplant pilaf with pistachios and cinnamon simmering. Glass of merlot and I'm one happy "lady," as the hair washer insisted on calling me. Well, a lady then I shall be :)

Happy healthy eating!

Stephanie Marie

Recipe can be found on, but we suggest less salt and figs instead of mom's better than your's because she knows I hate raisins and replaces them without me asking ;)

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