Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wednesday's Inspiration in Action

Last night marks the first time in forEVER that I set my clothes out the night before a school day, I mean work day :) Gotta say, I know this isn't a new concept, but it was really nice knowing the look I was shooting for, picking out the clothes, and then waking up to a ready-go-wear outfit. I think I may be sticking with this inspiration thing for a while because boy, will I do anything to convince myself I'm allowed to hit the snooze button I think picking out my clothes the night before equals at least 5 minutes more sleep the next morning.

Ok, so let me explain these two pictures:
The outfit shot shows my re-creation. Honesty, I love this sweater, but never would have worn it to work without needing stripes to match the inspiration. And, I already got a complement on it from a coworker today. Go Target! Last night, I pulled out my navy pants for this outfit, but decided while falling asleep that my black ones would make me look a little less like a pirate (love me some nautical, but I'm not really ready to enlist on the open seas). Another plug for laying out the night before: Time to edit the outfit. Side note: I had to look up lay v. lie for that sentence to be sure I had it right; even editors don't know everything!

So the close-up photo of me shows two things: 1 my new hairdo. Glad I got this on camera because it will never look like this stylist-version again! And 2 I heard on the radio that socialites blow air out their lips to get those sexy looks in photos. I think I look like I belong in the duck-face video instead of sharing the spotlight with Paris. Oh well! Haha.

Any thoughts on my new clothes prep obsession?

Stephanie Marie

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