Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My World is on Fire

I didn't mean for this to turn into a food blog, but a. I have to eat...like every day...like at least three times every day. Ugh :) and b. I'm trying to enjoy cooking more since it's something I have to do for the rest of my life. I'm using it to get creative and it's making me happy to try new things. Anyway, not sure why I feel like I have to justify the food pictures, but DEAL! And go home tonight and make these two dishes!

1. Shrimp in a white wine butter sauce. Um, yum. A little EVOO and butter to saute garlic and unions, add some white wine, mushrooms, tomatoes, and shrimp. Pinch of parsley. Top over angel hair pasta. Wha-la! I'm so proud of myself! Side question for you cooks: When am I supposed to throw the shrimp in? I think I may have put them in too early, but I was afraid of putting raw shrimp in with cooked veggies. Any thoughts?
2. Homemade hot cocoa! Seriously, this was so easy. It was a little too chocolately, if you can believe that. But I made half of Nigella's recipe and still had leftovers. I also left out the rum. I'm not a huge fan of alcohol in my drinks unless it's an alcoholic drink. Does that make sense? Anyway delish!

Shrimp pasta, hot cocoa, 1 freelance essay submitted, 1 pro bono essay edited, Bachelor, shower. I'm on FIRE! I even had time to run to the grocery store to get the final fixings for my meal. Yesterday was a good, full day.

Stephanie Marie

PS. Did anyone else notice that the girls on the Bachelor always need to have a scapegoat? I'm not saying I like either Blakely or Courtney, but why do groups of women always have to act like a pack of hyenas? Sometimes that show is too much for me to handle.

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