Thursday, January 26, 2012

Use What You've Got!

I'm gonna keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on dancing on through the night! And if by "dancing" I mean "rocking!" 

Dude, this week rocks! And last night was no different. See? You don't need a man to make you happy :) I made fried broccoli (update: cauliflower, clearly I meant cauliflower) with thai chili sauce last night for dinner. BAM! The fried broccoli recipe is from here and the thai chili sauce recipe is from here (although I didn't have coconut milk, so I used regular skim milk and then had a freak-out halfway through that I may have just inadvertently poisoned myself because, naturally, cooking milk with chilis and garlic could MAKE. YOU. DIE! Can I get a hypochondriac-friend to back me up on this? PS. I looked it up and milk is a fine substitute). Oh, and I hate ginger so I left that out, didn't have conola oil so I used olive oil, and didn't have panko bread crumbs so I used regular ol' bread crumbs. Use what you've got, right?

Anywho, I also organized my necklaces last night on a spare towel bar in my bathroom. There's only one of me, so I really don't need two towel bars in my bathroom. (Cue the scene from "It's Complicated" when Maryl Streep said she doesn't want his and hers bathroom sinks.) I've got two; let's use one for something else! I figured organizing by the rainbow would make me happy, and I was right! And also makes me realize I have way too many blue necklaces. Guess I like blue :) Also, I really need one of those metal cleaning towels to get my silvers back up and shining. Now, all of my jewelry is in one place. Love that!

What do you think? I'm on fire this week, right? Has anyone else been keeping up with the krazies?
Happy almost Friday!

Stephanie Marie

PS. I had enough klutziness in 20 minutes this morning to last me all day: spilled my thai chili sauce leftovers all over my mail, knocked my coffee mug and spilled coffee all over the microwave, and left coffee/sauce rings all over the office.


  1. I'm definitely going to try the fried broccoli! I can't believe you don't like ginger. It's one of my favorite tastes. And coconut milk ALWAYS comes in handy! :)

    I'm so happy about your happy week! Cute necklace rack!

  2. I like ginger in baked goods, but not fresh for some reason. It's too powerful, I think. I'm happy YOUR week was better than the previous one!