Friday, January 20, 2012

Wine-O-Gram DIY

I started a DIY project last night and thought I'd share it with you all. I'm not 100% certain this will work since I used cardboard instead of wood for the letter, but here's hoping! Since I'm in the free art/decorations mode, I figured I could pull a box back out from the recycling bin (no joke), grab a ribbon from my art bin, and gather the two corks I've already accumulated since moving into my new apartment. My plan is to hot glue corks all over this bad girl, but since that's going to take time (no, I will not drink 50 bottles of wine in one sitting just for the sake of art), I'm going to wait for this to be finished. No instant gratification, but it kind of feels like a backward advent calendar, which makes me feel devilish ;)

I know my sister is working on her girls' letters. Anyone else playing the monogram game?

Stephanie Marie


  1. When I was teaching, we used to ask local restaurants for any corks they were going to throw away. They all usually get trashed! Such a shame! You can ask around in case you want instant grattification:)

  2. I just read something recently that said you can get the wooden wine crates for free from restaurants too! Now, THAT's something I'd love.