Thursday, January 12, 2012

Perfect Companions

So I've been trying a lot of products now that I'm back on my own. Exploring new things, trying to integrate new stuff into my everyday life. And I've come across three things that I'd like to share since I love them so much.
1. Well Rested Herbal Tea from Trader Joe's. This is pepperminty and herbal at the same time. Love it before bed.
2. Jefferson Vineyards' Petit Verdot. If you can get this at your store, get it. If not, go to Charlottesville, visit the winery, and buy some (and some for me too!).
3. 73% Cacao Chocolate from Trader Joe's. This is a staple at my parents' house, but it's such the perfectly sized treat after dinner. And it doesn't make me feel guilty. Plus, it travels well. It's like the perfect companion ;)

Anything that you think I should try?

Stephanie Marie

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